Raspberry Pi petfeeder

Designed and built a mobile app controlled automatic pet feeding machine using Python and a Raspberry Pi.

BallyBally RollyRolly

Mind-bending, patience-testing gravity puzzle using Leap Motion and Unity.


YouTube channel where I taught people how to program modifications in Minecraft. 400,000 total views, 4,300 subscribers.

Classic Video Games

Recreated games in various languages: Donkey Kong (visual basic), Asteroids (java), Megaman (C#), plus a 2D custom game (Java), 3D custom game (C++,XNA)


Actual rocket science, kinda. (Read More)


I experimented with melting aluminum cans and hammering railway nails. Using firebricks I created a small forge which was capable of melting aluminum cans. My first designs used a charcoal fire supercharged by forcing air into it with a mattress pump. Later, I used a propane burner that I custom built which was cleaner, more efficient, and easier to light than charcoal. After I melted enough cans to fill the crucible, I would pour the molten aluminum into muffin tins to form ingots. I also used the forge to heat up rail road spikes (made of low carbon steel), which I hammered into rudimentary blades just for fun.


I was lead of the electrical team, consisting of 5 students. Our team was responsible for designing, testing, and implementing all electrical systems on our team’s RC plane for competition. The goal of the competition was to design an RC plane that could carry as much weight as possible.

SaaS App

On a team of 5 we built a web app using ruby on rails for the Richmond Main Street Initiative. The app allows vendors to register for events, fill out paperwork, pay fees, and request equipment. We used Agile development techniques and tested using tools such as Rspec and Cucumber.


Soundboard website I created at a hackathon to collect audio clips of our professor's most notable, characteristic, and funny quotes.


Hackathon project to create an encyclopedia of drinking games app for Android